RMBC Administrative Assistant Position

Hours: 10-15 hours/week

Salary: $12.50/hour

Schedule: Flexible providing that the duties are completed each week (particularly the weekly bulletin for Sunday services and the monthly calendar)

*You will be provided a laptop to use so that you can complete work at home, if you prefer to do so. Also, you will be subject to a background check.


  1. Must affirm the doctrinal position of Ragland Memorial Baptist Church (which is the Baptist Faith and Message 2000).
  2. Must have strong written and verbal communication skills with strong computer and word processing skills.


  • Sunday bulletins and inserts: (layout, follow up with committee heads, as needed, copying, folding, and inserting)
  • Committee Meeting and Event Calendaring; including attendance at Committee Heads planning meetings to facilitate calendaring (meetings held once per quarter).
  • Website calendar updates
  • Directory updates, updating membership rolls (as needed), and adding new phone numbers to the OneCall system
  • Manage contracts with office machinery companies and be present during service appointments (Copy Fax & Pitney Bowes)
  • Inventory Church office supplies regularly and order supplies, as needed.
  • Pastoral, deacon, and committee chairperson support, as needed (not to exceed 3 hours per week)
  • Coordinate cleaning personnel in conjunction with monthly calendar (advise when church events interferes with normal cleaning schedule and arrange work-around.)
  • Create and make copies of funeral service programs as needed
  • Mail bulletins, calendars, business meetings handouts, etc. to the shut-in members who cannot attend services

Contact: Please email resumes to rmbc.communications@gmail.com as soon as possible as we are interested in hiring soon.