The Bad News

  • If there is to be such a thing as good news, there must also be bad news. The Bible uses a word, Gospel, which means good news. Yet the Bible also includes the bad news about mankind and the predicament they are in before God.
  • To begin, there is one word that best describes God and that word is Holy. Because God is holy, if He is to have standards and expectations, they also are holy. The problem for men and women is that due to that which is called sin, they have proven themselves to be unholy. If we are to use man’s standards of righteousness, practically all of us are good people. Yet if we are to use God’s standards, we are entirely not good people. Our sin has cut us apart from God, and no amount of good deeds, religion, or personal merit can cause us to reach heaven. Perhaps you have heard terms such as lost, unsaved, or unredeemed; these terms refer to those who are cut off from God.

The Good News

  • Though mankind is in desperate need of help, they find it not through a process but through a person. The Bible says that Jesus died for sins: the just for the unjust that He might bring us to God. Seeing that we could not get to heaven on our own, He came to this earth. He lived a perfectly sinless life, that is to say His life met God’s holy standards. He then allowed this perfect life to be nailed to a cross in Jerusalem where He died, not as a murder victim, but as a sacrifice. He was placed in a tomb, which could hold Him no more.  After three days, He arose from death, which we call the resurrection.

The Invitation

  • Jesus death on the cross is His way of saying that He is willing to save. His coming forth from the tomb proves He is able to save. His invitation to you proves He is willing to save!